Corruption is a world issue that many people don't realize, or just don't pay any attention to. It plays a major role in the third world countries. Corruption effects the poor the most. Its every where, even here in Canada, but it's not as common as in the middle eastern countries, and Africa. They have a society of dictatorship. Many of our third world countries if not all are run by dictators. That makes since, the government isn't looking after their citizens, instead they're look for way to make more money. So how do you expect the country to flourish? 

Corruption is every where. I think that it's sad that we have to do our research before donating to charities. We should be able to trust, and know that our money is going to the people/citizens of poverty, not some molt i-million dollar corporation, are a rich narcissistic government. 
10/2/2012 13:34:30

Never forget that corruption may and fankly does, lie where you least expected it to.


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